Diamond & Gold Flogger 18krt 70 cm


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18crt Solid -Gold-italian-leather-flogger
Slagwerk Atelier


This exquisite 18crt Solid Gold Italian Leather Flogger features a luxurious black python exotic leather handle with a diameter of 36mm, complemented by 32 Italian saddle leather strands for a premium feel.

The upper tube boasts a stunning 5 x 0,5 crt VS1 natural grown white diamonds graded by GIA in a flat setting, while the handcut Australian Opal stone finish adds a touch of elegance to this meticulously crafted piece.

This masterpiece measures a total length of 70cm, ensuring a comfortable grip and precise control during use.
Customizations are available to tailor this high end flogger to your specific preferences, making it a truly unique and opulent addition to your collection.
Made to order.
Price on request